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PENNTROWEL™ Epoxy Novolac SB/SBR Flooring Systems (CE-294A)

1/4 in Slurry Broadcast Silica-filled Epoxy Surfacer with Optional Mat Reinforcement

PENNTROWEL Epoxy Novolac SB (Slurry Broadcast) and SBR (Slurry Broadcast Reinforced) Flooring Systems are multi component chemical resistant floor lining systems designed for fast installation in very demanding chemical service, including sulfuric acid resistance and resistance to other concentrated acids and alkalis. PENNTROWEL Novolac SB and SBR Flooring Systems may be used for renovating old concrete floors and as an overlay for new concrete floor protection. The system is ideal to protect flooring subjected to chemical spillage, fork lift traffic, impact, and abrasion. A dry inert aggregate is added to a catalyzed premium novolac epoxy binder to yield a semi-flowable consistency. This mixture is then poured onto a suitably prepared concrete substrate and spread to 3/16 or 1/4 thickness, followed immediately by seeding to excess the fresh surface with a dry inert filler. As an alternate upgrade, a 1 oz chopped strand glass mat reinforcement can be specified to be added into the primer layer to provide membrane type reinforcing under the 3/16 or 1/4 top wear layer. For this application, specify the SBR (Reinforced) system. A top coat may be applied if desired to either the SB or the SBR system. A non-slip texture can be incorporated into the topcoat if desired by adjusting the coarseness of the broadcast sand in the topcoat. Consult specification CES-283 for complete installation details.

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