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PENNCHEM™ 97 Membrane

125 mil Urethane Membrane

PENNCHEM 97 Membrane is a two component chemical resistant liquid applied elastomeric 100% urethane membrane installed onto steel or concrete substrates. It is ambient temperature cured, and is impervious to permeation by liquids. PENNCHEM 97 can be used as a stand alone lining within its limitations in less demanding service environments, or as a membrane barrier under chemical resistant brick and tile linings. It is field mixed to yield a thixotropic consistency ideally suited for trowel application onto a prepared substrate, whether the surface orientation be horizontal, vertical, or overhead. Its relatively fast initial cure makes it very suitable for use in shutdown applications when time is of the essence. For complete installation details, consult Corrosion Engineering installation specification CES-326 and CES-334.

Introduction to Pennchem 97 Membrane

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