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Blackhawk 5720 Membrane

Asphalt Modified Polyurethane

Blackhawk 5720 Membrane is a two-component elastomeric compound of asphalt and polymers formulated for mixing and spraying at ambient temperature. It cures (by an in situ chemical reaction) to a tough, abrasive-resistant film which shows almost 100% elastomeric recovery from mechanical stress.
• Exempt from hazardous declaration under DOT regulations
• Waterproof coating over insulation
• Excellent barrier against weather and moisture vapor
• Excellent adhesion to insulation, metal, and other substrates

• Low temperature properties
• May be used as a moisture-vapor barrier coating above and below grade
• Protect metals and wood against corrosion
• Resistant to ultraviolet degradation
• Cement pre-formed insulation to piping or vessels
• Adhere blocks of insulation together
• Recommended where movement of insulation will be encountered.

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