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Novocoat’s coating solutions emerged out of America’s growing concern for the environment. As a result, Novocoat has developed carefully engineered, 100% solids coating products that provide better and broader-based protection than conventional products, are easy to apply and safe for the user as well as the environment.

Novocoat Products

Product Description
Novocoat EP2900 Flexible Paste Epoxy Polysulfide
Novocoat TH1710 Thinner Solvent
Novocoat DTM Epoxy Zinc Rich Polyamide-Amine Epoxy
Novocoat EP3300 Paste/Caulk Epoxy Paste/Caulk
Novocoat EP3800 Ceramic Carbide FC Ceramic-filled Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat EP3800 Ceramic Carbide SC Ceramic Filled Epoxy
Novocoat EP3900 Machinable Paste Epoxy Paste
Novocoat EP4900 Ceramic Carbide Ceramic-filled Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat ER1000 Elastomeric Liquid Flexible Epoxy Coating
Novocoat ER2000 Series Elastomeric Liquid Epoxy Flexible Epoxy Coating
Novocoat High Friction Surface HF1200 Epoxy Polymer Overlay
Novocoat R1900 Quick Repair Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SC1100 Concrete Primer Epoxy Primer
Novocoat SC2200 Rapid Set Pipe Coating Cycloaliphatic Amine Cured Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SC3100 HT Lining Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SC3300 Novolac Epoxy Lining Cycloaliphatic Amine-Cured Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SC3900 Adhesive Paste/Caulk Epoxy Paste/Caulk
Novocoat SC5400 Lining Cycloaliphatic Amine Cured Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SC6300 Novolac Epoxy
Novocoat SG2500 Lining Polyamide Epoxy
Novocoat SP2000AR Abrasion Resistant Ceramic Coating Polyamide Epoxy
Novocoat SP2000W Polyamide Epoxy
Novocoat SP2000WHB Polyamide Epoxy
Novocoat SP2910 Adhesive Paste/Caulk Epoxy Paste/Caulk
Novocoat Storage Coat 938 Modified Asphalt Acrylic Emulsion
Novofloor Series Self Leveling Epoxy Flooring
Novocoat EP5700 Ceramic Paste Novolac Epoxy Ceramic Paste
Novolite Repair Mortar Epoxy Repair Compound
Novotower SP2000R Self Leveling Epoxy Polyamide Epoxy
Product Description