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Novocoat HF1200 Epoxy

Two Part Epoxy Resin

Novocoat HF1200 Epoxy is a versatile two-component epoxy resin used as a primer or as a binder for polymer toppings such as slurry, broadcast or trowel-applied flooring, concrete resurfacing/leveling underlayment, and high friction surface (HFS) pavement overlays. (Aggregate not included.)

Among its many uses, Novocoat HF1200 Epoxy binds broadcast aggregate, selected by the Department of Transportation to enhance surface friction or delineate color, to the underlying concrete or asphalt pavement at intersections, entrance/exit ramps, crosswalks, school crossings, bridge surfaces, grades, curves, roundabouts, toll plazas, bike paths, and more.

  • 100% solids, no VOCs
  • Self-priming
  • Versatile resin binder
  • Low stress, highly flexible film

Universal binder for:

  • Slurry, broadcast and trowel-applied flooring
  • Concrete resurfacing/leveling underlayment
  • High friction surface (HFS) pavement overlays

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