Novocoat’s coating solutions emerged out of America’s growing concern for the environment. As a result, Novocoat has developed carefully engineered, 100% solids coating products that provide better and broader-based protection than conventional products, are easy to apply and safe for the user as well as the environment. Novocoat’s Superior products provide excellent chemical and heat resistance, especially for immersion service. The Superior industrial maintenance coatings offer 100% solids (no solvents, no VOC’s) and high solids formulations. Also, Superior products bond both mechanically and chemically to the substrate, and Superior products provide excellent wear resistance. Superior products do not create hazardous waste. All Novocoat Protective Coatings provide exceptional corrosion protection, are environmentally friendly, completely safe and user friendly.


The Oil and Gas industry requires a wide range of applications for a variety of inherent corrosion problems. Novocoat offers solutions for pipe coatings, tank linings, heat exchangers and scrubber linings.

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In the marine industry, Novocoat has nearly eradicated the need for yearly applications. At one time applicators were accustomed to re-coating tanks annually. However, with Novocoat products, the tanks come back year after year looking much the same as the day of application.

For over a decade, Novocoat’s NovoTower 2000 has had flawless success on hundreds of commercial cooling tower basins from coast to coast. Paste versions are available for repairing leaks and holes. NovoTower 2000 is 100% solids, safe, no VOC’s and user friendly. NovoTower 2000 bonds to wet surfaces and cures under water.

Pulp and paper mills, full of wet paper slurry, create a thriving environment for microbial attack on stainless steel. Novocoat 100% solids coatings SC3000Y, SC3406, and SC5400 provide exceptional corrosion protection for stainless steel piping, plant equipment, secondary containment, tank linings, and high wear applications.

Novocoat has products to rehab or protect water or wastewater projects. Where pitting or corrosion damage has already taken its toll, Novocoat Protective Coatings provides concrete repair in T-Floor and Novolite and for Metal Repair, EC306. SC1100 is a 100% solids deep penetrating primer for concrete substrates that not only seals the concrete, but strengthens the concrete where it is in contact.

The Novocoat line of floor coatings was designed with industry in mind. By applying the product to the shop floor, warehouse floor or even garage, it will adhere and provide exceptional service under foot, fork lift and hot tire traffic.

Over fifteen years ago, Novocoat Protective Coatings was founded to establish a coating that would meet the needs of fossil fueled power generating companies. The Novocoat line of coatings enhances the life of equipment, is user friendly, easy to apply and environmentally friendly. With Novocoat coatings, shut down time is reduced and future maintenance is minimized allowing a more efficient and productive plant.

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Novocoat offers the Oil and Gas industry a complete line of Novolac 100% solids coatings for oil and gas pipelines (ID or OD), for secondary containment applications, petrochemical or crude storage tanks, valves and fittings, scrubbers, cracking units, stacks, docks, offshore platforms, rigs and more.

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For condenser pans and coil pans, Novocoat QuickEpoxy will quickly and economically return your unit to service. Packaged in a 2 part single caulk style tube, it is convenient and user friendly. It is sold in 12 unit packs.

The daily demands of the equipment, fork lifts, and daily wear and tear take their toll on the facility. For damaged concrete, T-Floor and Novolite can rebuild any size area. Both products set up quickly and allow the area to swiftly return to service, saving time and money. T-Floor and Novolite are an economical and easy concrete rehab solution. When a primer is needed, Novocoat SC1100 penetrates deep into the concrete substrate to help eliminate outgassing and increase bond strength.

Novocoat offers Novolite for vertical and overhead concrete repair; T-Floor for horizontal concrete repair offers a long lasting solution. Also, Novofloor 1500 for a fast set epoxy floor coating or concrete topcoat, and SP 2000 R offers excellent impact resistance by incorporating recycled tire rubber. SC-2100 is the product for a coating with increased chemical resistance, and finally, the non-skid system for the latest in non-skid flooring technology

SC3000, SC3300, SC3406 and SC5400 cover most coating needs within any power generating company. SC3000 and SC3406 are for lining wet scrubbers, ducts, and stacks. SP2000R provides excellent protection and sealing of cooling tower basins. Slurry tanks lined with SC3300 or SC3406 provide long term protection from the abrasion and chemicals from the slurry. In addition, Novocoat Protective Coatings provides SP2000M SC3000M for high wear areas involving conveyors, coal chutes and hoppers.

Safe, long term protection for the Power Industry can be found in these Novocoat coatings and metal repair products.

The Novocoat SP-2000 series is a hybrid novolac epoxy which draws upon the novolac technology to provide excellent chemical and heat resistance, but is flexible enough to withstand a pipe environment.