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Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical

Control microbial incursion, prevent slips and falls, reduce downtime

ErgonArmor works to design construction, maintenance and repair materials for food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities that minimize microbial harborage sites, provide traction to reduce slip and fall risk, and extend equipment service life to reduce operating costs.

Our product range includes:

  • Durable, slip-resistant brick and tile flooring systems that stand up to harsh sanitizers.
  • Low-odor, high bond strength tile grouts and adhesives for vitrified tile, dairy tile, quarry tile, clinker tile, packing brick and acid brick flooring.
  • Conductive tile flooring systems for solvent handling areas and to dissipate static charges.
  • Green concrete primers — Novocoat SC1100 and PENNTROWEL™ Epoxy Primer — for faster return to service for flooring renovation and repair projects.
  • Concrete repair and coating systems that tolerate damp and cool installation conditions.
  • Quick-curing and primerless FLEXJOINT™ U500 Sealant fills cracks and expansion joints with minimal downtime to eliminate microbial harborage sites.
  • Corrosion protection coatings for steel trusses, frames, beams and braces.
  • Machinable metal repair products for pump impellers and housings.
  • Abrasion-resistant coatings and linings for material handling systems.
  • Air and vapor barriers to maximize energy efficiency and reduce mold growth.
  • Liquid-applied roof restoration coatings and membranes to protect and prevent leaks an extend the life of facility roofs.