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Quieter ride, lower production costs, enhanced reliability

ErgonArmor works closely with transportation equipment and parts manufacturers and their suppliers to design materials that enable recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, railcars, trucks and buses to be built and operate more reliably.

Our product range includes:

  • Corrosion and wear protection linings for transportation equipment and parts production and recycling facilities. Special capabilities include linings for e-coat and other chemical storage tanks, coatings for parts racks, flooring for aircraft stripping hangars and lead-acid battery plants.
  • Concrete and steel restoration compounds for transportation equipment and parts production facilities. Special capabilities include lightweight, fast-cure concrete repair products suitable for vertical and overhead use and machinable metal repair products.
  • Liquid, cold-applied roofing systems for recreational vehicles as well as transportation equipment and parts production facilities.
  • Frame paints and sound-dampening underbody coatings to protect vehicles and cargo trailers from de-icing chemicals.
  • Steel coatings for rail tank car cargo holds and insulation cavities as well as interior surfaces of double-wall barge hulls.
  • Zero VOC-content epoxy coatings for marine vessels.
  • Custom tailored tapes and adhesives for unique and challenging applications.