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Automotive, Truck and Bus

Slow corrosion, dampen vibrations and noise, assure consistent quality

The underbody of cars, buses and trucks need to be protected against corrosion. Unfortunately, corrosion can crop up in any number of ways, from simple atmospheric conditions to de-icing chemicals used on road surfaces. ErgonArmor keeps trucks and buses protected against corrosion at cost-effective price points.

Our product range includes:

  • Ertech 2030 and Ertech 2010, which are water-based asphaltic emulsions designed to be used as coatings for metal corrosion protection.
  • Ertech 2030 and Ertech 2010, which are non-flammable, low VOC and worker friendly. The low viscosity of Ertech 2030 yields a 20 mil wet film build. The medium viscosity of Ertech 2010 yields a 40 mil wet film build.
  • Blackhawk 5157, an asphalt cutback engineered to be easy to use and store. This very low viscosity material applies at 5 — 10 wet film build and acts as a metal anti-corrosion frame paint with a pleasing black gloss appearance.
  • Blackhawk 5200 Gel Kote, an asphalt cutback with increased gel structure and faster dry times than Blackhawk 5157. The gel structure allows for increased wet film build up to 40 mils. This increase in film adds vibrations dampening and film durability.