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TUFCHEM™ Novolac Sprayable Epoxy (CE-274)

1/8 inch thick Silica-filled Sprayable Novolac Epoxy Lining

TUFCHEM Novolac Sprayable Epoxy is a three component, 100% solids premium quality novolac epoxy lining compound that is applied by peristaltic type sprayable equipment to steel, brick and concrete structures to protect them from exposure to acids, caustic and many organic solvents. It is suitable for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces. Lining thickness is typically 1/8 in. TUFCHEM Novolac Sprayable Epoxy does not require a primer for adhesion, but the use of PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer before spraying will reduce pinholes in the finished lining caused by concrete out-gassing. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-328 for complete usage/installation details.

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