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TUFCHEM™ II Membrane (CE-196)

Trowel Applied 125 mil Urethane Asphalt Membrane

TUFCHEM II Membrane is a chemically cured, elastomeric urethane asphalt membrane. It can be used as a stand alone lining to protect metal, concrete, and masonry substrates from chemical attack and physical abrasion within its limitations. TUFCHEM II can also be used as an underlying membrane in conjunction with chemical-resistant masonry or polymer concrete overlayments. TUFCHEM II is generally specified to be installed in 2 or 3 passes for a total nominal 80-125 mil WFT lining thickness. For concrete substrates, use with PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer (CE-139). On steel substrates, no primer is required for adhesion, but PENNGUARD HP Epoxy Primer (CE-314) is recommended to prevent re-rusting of the blasted surface. For complete installation instructions, consult Corrosion Engineering installation specifications CES-326 and CES-334.

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