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THINSET™ Adhesive (CE-158)

Silica-filled Epoxy Adhesive for Tile and Brick

THINSET Adhesive is a high-performance three-component epoxy adhesive used to bond vitrified tiles, acid bricks, pavers, and steel floor plates. It is specially formulated to maximize adhesion to dense vitreous and fully-vitrified industrial ceramics, enabling floor linings bonded with THINSET Adhesive to withstand thermal shock, thermal cycling, and severe impact stresses. When properly applied in a continuous, uniform layer, the low-absorption, and 100% solids VOC-free THINSET Adhesive acts as a secondary chemical barrier to the ceramic covering. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-309, or CES-311 (TUFCHEM® Tiling System) or CES-333 (Steel Floor Plate) for complete installation details.

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