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PENNTROWEL™ VE Conductive Primer

Conductive Vinyl Ester Primer

PENNTROWEL VE Conductive Primer is a 2- component, penetrating vinyl ester primer designed for use under conductive vinyl ester linings.


• Primer for electrostatic dissipative flooring.
• Counter-electrode for conducting discontinuity/holiday detection tests on subsequent linings.
• Adhesion promoter for vinyl ester surfacers, lining systems, and membranes.
• Concrete sealer to prevent outgassing and pinholes in overcoats.


• Excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, tile and steel surfaces.
• Resists corrosive effects of dilute inorganic acids, alkalis, alkaline salts, acid salts, oils, grease, milk products, fats, blood, most dilute organic acids and many solvents.
• Cures quickly, allowing fast turnaround time.

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