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PENNTROWEL™ N13 Surfacer (CE-272)

1/4 in High Performance Thermal Shock Resistant Novolac Epoxy Surfacer

Penntrowel N13 Surfacer is a heavy-duty trowel applied monolithic topping compound. Formulated from premium quality novolac epoxy resins, it resists severe chemical exposure including 85% sulfuric acid, 50% caustic, 37% hydrochloric acid, 20% nitric acid, tetrachloroethylene and other strong chemicals and solvents. When trowel applied to a ¼ thickness over a suitably prepared concrete substrate, Penntrowel N13 Surfacer will provide a hard, dense, abrasion resistant, chemical-resistant and thermal shock resistant surfacer for concrete substrates. For heavy traffic, severe impact, and severe thermal shock areas, Penntrowel N13 Surfacer may be specified at 3/8 thickness. Penntrowel N13 Surfacer is applied over Penntrowel Epoxy Primer. Penntrowel N13 Surfacer is designed to be used with an ‘as troweled’ finish. The surface can be top coated with ErgonArmor's PENNCOAT 227 Lining System to adjust surface gloss if desired, and provide varying degrees of non slip surface texture. Consult your ErgonArmor representative for specific details. Consult ErgonArmor specification CES-310 for complete usage/installation details.

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