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PENNCOAT™ 227/227 MR Lining (CE-285)

30 mil Novolac Epoxy Lining

PENNCOAT 227 and 227MR (Mat Reinforced) linings are premium quality flake-filled, novolac epoxy polymer lining systems for concrete and steel. PENNCOAT 227 is applied in two 10-12 mil coats for a total lining thickness of 20-24 mils, plus primer. When used on concrete substrates it is used in conjunction with PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer (CE-139). No primer is needed for steel substrates. PENNCOAT 227 may also be used without a primer as a topcoat for other Corrosion Engineering lining systems. PENNCOAT 227 MR is similar to PENNCOAT 227, but has incorporated into the primer layer a 1oz chopped strand glass mat reinforcement. This reduces the transmission of hairline cracks from the concrete. Consult Corrosion Engineering specification CES-342 for complete installation details.

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