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Blackhawk 5900

Bituminous Compound Additive

Blackhawk 5900 Additive is an oiled polymer additive designed to enhance the adhesion and tack properties of asphalt-based self-adhering membranes, self-adhering underlayments and waterproofing barriers, especially in lower temperatures. It remains liquid at ambient temperatures, and therefore can be easily pumped and blended with most types of molten bituminous compounds.
•  Increases adhesion in low temperature applications
•  Extends shelf life of self-adhering membranes
•  Minimal effect on softening point of the compound
•  Easily pumped liquid at ambient temperatures
•  Reduces viscosity of overall blend for ease of manufacture
•  Minimal effect on penetration value
•  Aids in film release at elevated material temperatures
•  Self-adhered bituminous ice and water shield membrane additive
•  Self-adhered below-grade bituminous membrane additive
•  Self-adhered bituminous roofing underlayment additive
•  Self-adhered bituminous waterproofing barrier additive

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