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Waste to Fuel/Waste Incineration

Withstand chemical and temperature extremes, resist corrosion, handle physical abuse

Hazardous, chemical and waste incinerators are designed to handle chemical and temperature extremes while they remove potentially hazardous organics from the process and the environment. Gasses generated through burning of these materials can be acidic or alkaline, causing premature corrosion to process equipment such as ID fans, bag houses, stacks, ducts, quench towers, concrete receiving stations and tipping floors.

When exposed to extremes in physical abuse, chemical exposures of dilute acids, high temperatures, condensing fumes and high velocity gasses, you need protection that works. ErgonArmor aims to give you peace of mind with its industry-leading solutions.

Our product range includes:

  • PENNGUARD™ Block Linings System for exhaust ductwork and flues, suitable for new construction or retrofit on a variety of substrates: concrete, steel, acid resistant brick, gunite, Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP), and titanium.
  • Chemical resistant linings for concrete and steel infrastructure and equipment.
  • Novocoat metal repair putties and pastes for rotating equipment, tanks, ductwork, structural steel and piping.
  • Acid resistant brick and tile heavy duty flooring.
  • ACROLINE™ Systems anchored thermoplastic liners for wastewater collection trenches and sumps.