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Chimney and Duct Linings

Coal fired power plants utilize flue gas desulphurization (FGD) to clean the sulfur laden gasses as a result of the combustion of coal. This however can result in a corrosive environment in the chimney and duct train. The global power generation industry has relied on ErgonArmor’s unique PENNGUARD™  Block Lining System for long-term corrosion protection in their chimneys and ducts for over 30 years. This versatile lining system has a proven track record even in seismic zones, and is suitable for new construction, refurbishments and upgrades. Using our unique PENNGUARD Adhesive/Membrane and a family of specially designed priming systems, the PENNGUARD Block Lining System can be applied over steel, concrete, gunite, brick, alloy, and fiberglass (FRP) structures. Easy to apply, and offering a known long life expectation, the PENNGUARD Block Lining System can be installed by local crews with no special expertise and minimal training required. The PENNGUARD Block Lining System is also unique insofar as it offers excellent fire resistance and is the only FM Approved fire-resistant chimney lining for power plant chimney applications on the market today.