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Tank Linings

Extend inspection intervals, avoid unscheduled downtime, speed return-to-service

ErgonArmor’s extensive arsenal of tank lining systems are designed to perform in some of the most aggressive chemical immersion and process applications on the planet, with return to service in as little as 24 hours.

When your process team begins the corrosion-resistant lining selection process, turn to ErgonArmor for the necessary technical expertise to guide your selection process.

Our product range includes:

  • PENNCOAT™ and Novocoat™ brush, roller, and spray-applied linings.
  • Novocoat metal repair pastes and putties, including machinable and liquid ceramic grades.
  • Novolite Repair Mortar vertical/overhead concrete repair mortar, non-sagging at up to 4-inches per lift.
  • PENNTROWEL™ trowel applied thick film and mat reinforced laminate linings.
  • Flexible and elastomeric membranes that tolerate vibration, bridge cracks and accommodate movement.