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Concrete Repair

Prevent moisture penetration, simple application, fast curing

ErgonArmor offers a range of solutions for concrete repair. Our products impede moisture penetration quickly and effectively.

Our product range includes:

  • Ertech 2100, which is a spray applied, non-fibrated asphaltic emulsion for dampproofing.
  • Ertech 2120, a trowel applied, fibrated asphaltic emulsion for dampproofing.
  • A line of polymer modified emulsions for waterproofing with very good elastomeric properties and very low permanence ratings.
  • Ertech 3035
  • Ertech 3036, which can be brushed, rolled or sprayed and is generally used as a prep work grade.
  • Ertech 3037, which has a higher viscosity making it an all-purpose grade that can be brushed, rolled, troweled or sprayed.