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Achieve strong bond between various materials

ErgonArmor provides adhesive solutions for asphalt-based commercial roofing membranes, asphalt-based shingles.

Our product range includes:

  • Blackhawk 5300 and Blackhawk 5500 series, which are cold adhesives that provide industry-best application safety, bond strength and production efficiencies when installing asphalt roofing membranes.
  • Blackhawk 5400 Roofing Cement and Blackhawk 5600 flashing adhesives, which are workhorse products that adhere and seal asphalt flashing membranes in the most challenging spaces on the roof.
  • Blackhawk 5920, 5930 and 5940, which are laminating adhesives used to glue architectural shingles together at the plant in an in-line process.
  • Blackhawk 5900, which is a proven adhesive additive that helps asphalt shingles resist extreme uplift resistance during wind events such as microbursts, tornadoes and hurricanes.