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Novocoat High Friction Surface HF1200

Epoxy Polymer Overlay

HFS is an epoxy polymer overlay that provides a multipurpose high friction surface for asphalt concrete or portland cement concrete pavements, and other surfaces. HFS is a field installed system that consists of a specially formulated 2- component epoxy binder that is field mixed, applied to the surface at the correct rate, and covered with specially selected aggregate to provide desired surface characteristics of friction and color. HFS forms a highly durable and wear resistant high friction colored surface that is flexible, impact resistant, and resistant to traffic, fuel, oil, and pavement de-icers. The increased surface friction provided by HFS improves traffic safety by reducing skidding and braking distances, reducing hydroplaning, and increasing driver awareness. The colored surface of HFS can be used in traffic calming applications. Typical HFS pavement installations include intersections, entrance/exit ramps, crosswalks, school crossings, bridge surfaces, grades, curves, roundabouts, toll plazas, bike paths or anywhere else that increased friction and delineating color are desired.

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