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Flowood, Mississippi - ErgonArmor, a division of Ergon Asphalt and Emulsions Inc., has announced new and sweeping changes to the global sales, marketing and distribution program for its PENNGUARD Block Lining System suite of products used in coal-fired power plant chimney applications.

To better serve the diverse needs of this global market, ErgonArmor will sunset its exclusive distribution go-to-market strategy at the end of 2021. Beginning January 2022, it will offer the PENNGUARD Block Lining System direct to consumers and through select nonexclusive distributors. This change will enhance PENNGUARD Block Lining System sourcing options for coal-fired power plant projects globally.

ErgonArmor anticipates this factory-direct distribution model will enhance its market position. In addition to ready access to the premier PENNGUARD brand of cellulated borosilicate glass block lining technology, clients will find more flexible service options, delivery timing and payment terms.

Coal-fired power plants first began using the PENNGUARD Block Lining System to protect chimneys and ducts against corrosive flue gas condensate in the 1980s. In the years since its commercial introduction, Pennguard has developed a globally dominant market share and exceptional track record of performance that clients have come to trust. While some nations have decommissioned coal burners in favor of alternative energy sources, others will continue to utilize affordable coal resources in conjunction with modern clean coal technologies to fuel economic growth.

“These changes will better position our PENNGUARD product line to react to the evolving coal-fired power plant market. We believe moving ourselves one step closer to the end user will be a welcomed change and provide a more efficient approach to this ever-changing landscape,” commented Christine Osborne, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ErgonArmor.

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About ErgonArmor: ErgonArmor brands, including Novocoat, Ertech, Blackhawk and Corrosion Engineering, apply their technical knowledge to create corrosion and surface protection solutions. Formed in 2011, ErgonArmor is a division of Ergon Asphalt & Emulsions Inc., one of the largest asphalt marketers in North America, marketing liquid paving asphalts as well as marketing and manufacturing a wide variety of advanced asphalt products.

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