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Blackhawk 5800 Versatak Tape

Polymer Modified Asphalt

Blackhawk 5800 VersaTak Tape is an extruded polymer modified asphalt product provided in the lengths, thickness and widths that fit the application. As a preformed adhesive/sealant, the applicator will never over-apply or under-apply quantity needed thus reducing waste or preventing failure due to lack of adhesive. VersaTak is extruded on a treated paper to give an easy release application. The product comes in roll form up to 200’ in length and 12” in width. VersaTak can also be laminated to a HDPE sheet to give extreme puncture and tear resistance. Additionally, this product can be made into circular DOTS up to 12” diameter and 1/2” thickness. If no shape or tape form is required, then the product can be supplied as a hot melt material (2.5# bricks, 5-gallon pails, 55-gallon release treated fiber drums or steel drums) with hundreds of potential applications.

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