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FLEXJOINT™ 700 Topcoat

Fluorocarbon-based Synthetic Rubber

FLEXJOINT™ 700 Topcoat is a two component, fluorocarbon topcoat for application overtop polyurethane and polysulfide-based expansion joint sealants. It is a practical and efficient means to extend the chemical resistance of the sealants for a wide range of aggressive chemicals including highly concentrated acidic compounds. By preparing the surface of polysulfide sealant with FLEXJOINT™ 700 Tackifier, adhesion of the topcoat to the sealant’s surface is optimized for superior durability.


• Economically enhances the performance of conventional sealants
• Makes efficient use of high-value chemical barrier technology
• Packaging in small, proportioned kits limits overage and waste


Chemical resistant topcoat for joint sealant

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