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PENNCHEM® Novolac Concrete

PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete is a premium quality silica filled novolac resin based thermosetting polymer concrete. It is formulated to be applied by the casting method of placement. PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete may be cast into formwork or placed as a monolithic topping on conventional Portland cement concrete surfaces. It provides a dense granite-like surface with a compressive strength much greater than Portland cement concrete and is resistant to high concentrations of many chemicals at elevated temperatures in service usually associated with acid – resistant brick and mortar construction. PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete is grey in color. For complete installation instructions, consult Corrosion Engineering installation specification CES-360.

PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete can be used as a less expensive alternative to chemically resistant brick in many applications.

PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete offers increased chemical, thermal, and mechanical resistance compared to thinner resin based monolithic toppings such as epoxies and polyesters. PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete can be cast in a wide variety of applications such as floor overlayments, pump pads, tank foundations, sumps, trenches and curbing. PENNCHEM Novolac Concrete can be used to renovate existing chemically deteriorated concrete floors or be applied to new concrete.


  • Low porosity.
  • High compressive strength.
  • Resistant to concentrated sulfuric and hydrochloric acid as well as excellent solvent resistance. Resistant to nitric acid to 25% concentration.
  • Components are proportioned for easy mixing.
  • Low shrinkage.
  • Non combustible when cured.
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 200°F.
  • Easy to place and finish.
Color Concrete grey
Density (ASTM C138) 136 lbs per cu. ft.
Compressive strength (ASTM C579) (7 days) 16,000-16,500 psi
Tensile strength (ASTM C190) (28 days) 2,200-2,500 psi
Absorption (ASTM C413) (48 hour immersion) 0.05%
Linear shrinkage (ASTM C531) 0.04%
Coefficient of thermal expansion (75°F-210°F) (ASTM C531) 1.95 x 10-5 in./in./°F
Modulus of elasticity, psi (ASTM C580) (28 days) 1.84 x 106
Mix ratio (by wt.) – Filler to combined resin/hardener 8.6:1.0:
Working life (hours) 45-60 minutes @ 70°F
Maximum service temperature 200°F
6710 Resin 19592 40 lb (4 gal) pail A 586 lb (4.3 cu ft) unit consists of 1 x 40 lb pail resin, 1 x 21 lb can hardener, and 7 x 75 lb bags of filler. Packages may be split for partial pours, by maintaining similar ratios.
The above mix will yield a resinous concrete with a closed surface. Use of vibration during placement will allow addition of 1 additional bag of filler to increase yield to 661 lbs (4.86 cu ft).
As a castable topping, allow 22.67 mixed lbs per SF @ 2″ thickness, and 17 mixed lbs per SF @ 1.5″ thickness.
6711 Hardener 19595 21 lb (2.5 gal) can
Polymer Concrete Filler 19670 75 lb bag

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